The Meaning of Healthy Cooking

What does healthy cooking mean to you? This is an important question when you’re starting out on your healthier cooking and more conscious lifestyle. Whether you’re doing it for health reasons, dietary restrictions, losing weight or ethical reasons, healthy cooking is more than just a ‘diet’ and it should be. It is not one of those ‘fad diets’ trending on social media or the 21-day detoxes; instead, it is a lifestyle – one that you should stick to diligently for the sake of the health of your body and soul.

Speaking of which, because it is not a ‘strict diet’, you can allow yourself to have guilty pleasures and eat them once in a while. Otherwise, you would be left unsatisfied and unhappy and that’s not what healthy lifestyle is about! Sure you can have a steak dinner with fries on the weekend, pancakes from IHOP, or chocolate chip cookies for a small snack once in a while, but it’s extremely important that you use these guilty pleasures in moderation or even in very small quantities. Indulge, but don’t do it very often. Most of the week, you can cook clean, eat clean, and of course, work out!

One thing that is exciting to be maintaining a healthy lifestyle at this day and age is you can “healthify” almost any food because there are so many healthier substitutes! For instance, Sam and I on this podcast talked about making banana ‘ice cream’ just by freezing and blending those bananas with almond milk to make a creamy ice-cream-like texture; topping like chia seeds or granola can be added, as well as a small amount of dark chocolate chips. As almond milk can serve as a substitute for cow milk, almond flour can take replacement of wheat flour in baking too.

In this podcast, Sam, who works at Whole Foods Market in Kirby, Houston, talks about what healthy cooking means to her, her favorite food to cook, grocery shopping schedule and Houston lifestyle.


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