Gluten-free, Flour-less Pancakes

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Hi, friends! Today, I have a recipe for you that is so easy that you’ll keep saying “that’s BANANAS” every time you take a bite of it: flour-less banana pancakes.

Flour has always been a household item for the kitchen, used in various types of cooking such as baking, making pastries and even cooking savory food. So, a pancake without flour may seem like a major deal breaker. Why not just use the flour?

Not using flour, especially white enriched flour, cuts down a lot of calories and is suitable to people who are watching their weights or who just wants to eat a healthier breakfast. Enriched flour is refined carbohydrates that have been processed to retain a better and sweeter taste. Unlike whole wheat flour which is rich in nutrients, enriched flour is stripped of wheat germ and bran that produces B vitamins, antioxidants E vitamins, phytochemicals and dietary fiber. That is why whole wheat and whole grain foods are so much better than the refined ones. This flour-less recipe does not have gluten since it was made without wheat flour. Here is how to make this super easy recipe perfect for clean eating:

Pancake batter ingredients: 2 eggs, 1 banana

Oil: coconut oil

Sides: raspberries, blueberries, honey, low-fat Greek yogurt


Are you surprised to see just two main ingredients: eggs and banana? I was too! Especially when I tasted it and thought immediately, “flour, what flour”? This recipe was inspired by Cassey Ho‘s (@blogilates) famous banana pancakes. She is a popular social media fitness entrepreneur and certified POP Pilates instructor on YouTube who maintains a low-carb, high protein diet. Check out below for how to make these amazing pancakes:

  • Chop banana into smaller pieces and put the pieces in a blender along with 2 eggs. Mix in blender until smooth
  • Set the stove on low – THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT as high temperature can quickly burn the pancakes
  • Spread oil spray onto the non-stick pan
  • Put pancake batter on the pan and make sure to divide up the batter to get 4 or 5 fluffy pancakes. Put however much your pan can fit; mine fits only one
  • Turn the pancake to the other side once you see tiny bubbles forming. Repeat for the rest of pancakes
  • Stack them up on a plate and put raspberries and blueberries in the surrounding areas. Feel free to add more fruits and nuts
  • Instead of using traditional pancake complements like maple syrup and butter or cream, I put honey and low fat Greek yogurt on top to make it even healthier!aaa2
I used toppings such as raspberries, blueberries and drizzle of honey and non-fat Greek yogurt in place of maple syrup and butter



Serves: 1

Approximate money spent: less than $1.50

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